About US

NuArt Sculpture Park is an art space established upon the vision of the artist Nyoman Nuarta.Consisting of the Nyoman Nuarta Museum, Galeri Teras, Craft Boutique, Amphitheater, Sculpture Park, Sarasvati and Dewi Uma areas, LAXMI Resto, to the Workshop where Nyoman Nuarta produces his artworks, NuArt Sculpture Park, which was previously named Sculpture Garden, was officially open for public since 2000.


NuArt appreciates history, examines current conditions, and continuously strives to contribute to cultural development both in Indonesia and globally. As a cultural space that is surrounded by nature, NuArt is a space that accepts differences and diversity of perspectives regardless of race, gender, class, or religion. Therefore, various types of programs and collaborations are designed as an effort to encourage empathy, mutual understanding, and mutual respect in intercultural dialogue.