NuArt Museum & Gallery

As many as 110 works of Nyoman Nuarta fill the entire area of NuArt Sculpture Park, ranging from the front yard, lobby, museum, Amphitheatre area, the Dome and sculpture garden, to the Workshop area which is the production site of the works. Half of the total works are located in the Museum & Gallery area, exhibiting at least 50 works of Nyoman Nuarta from various periods.

The Museum & Gallery area, which has 2 floors, is home to Nyoman Nuarta’s works produced from 1975 to 2019. The production span of the works represents Nyoman Nuarta’s artistic period from his study period at FSRD ITB to his latest period. This Museum & Gallery area is a place to explore the various explorations and ideas of the artist who tries to realize his great artistic vision through the development of the NuArt Sculpture Park area.

Terrace Gallery

The Terrace Gallery, a 200-square-meter space, is a room that opens up opportunities for other artists to exhibit their works. Realizing that the art world needs regeneration, NuArt strives to nurture young talents to contribute to the development of the visual arts in Indonesia through this facility. In addition to collaborating directly with artists or art groups, NuArt also collaborates with several other cultural institutions to organize events in the Terrace Gallery, such as with Maranatha University, Goethe Institut, The British Council, and Institut Francais Indonesia.

Terrace Gallery Area:

Sculpture Park

The NuArt Sculpture Park area is designed naturally, following the contours and natural character of the environment. With this natural atmosphere, NuArt Sculpture Park is a suitable place for contemplation and provides opportunities for visitors to enjoy the surrounding nature. This large and lush garden is home to thousands of plants and various types of animals such as squirrels, birds, and deer. The garden area at NuArt Sculpture Park is often used as a playground for children, music performances, dance performances, theater performances, yoga festivals, organic markets, picnics, and other activities.


Audio Visual Room

The Audio-Visual Room accommodates various types of presentations in the multimedia and audio-visual fields. This 98-seat capacity room is suitable for film screenings, small performances, presentations, press conferences, equipped with high-quality sound and audio-visual equipment. This theater room also shows short films about the making of GWK statues, the vision and mission of NuArt Sculpture Park, the process of making Nyoman Nuarta’s sculptures, etc., which can be regularly enjoyed by visitors.



Built in a circular shape, the Amphitheatre stage is an attractive arena theater for various types of traditional and contemporary performing arts. Various artists have performed on this stage, including Dewa Budjana, Ayu Laksmi, Happy Salma, Maudy Koesnaedi, Trie Utami, Wawan Sofwan, and contemporary dance works by Eko Supriyanto. The fountain is the main attraction at the theater location and can be freely used for playing by visitors.


Nyoman Nuarta's Workshop

NuArt Sculpture Park provides a workshop for Nyoman Nuarta to produce his sculptures, with the aim of accommodating his activities in creating large sculptures such as the Garuda Wisnu Kencana, which required a spacious work area. Located in the Setraduta area, the workshop has been in operation for 28 years and successfully completed the construction of the 121-meter-tall Garuda Wisnu Kencana sculpture in August 2018. Currently, the workshop continues to work on new sculptures and various projects by Nyoman Nuarta.


The Dome is a multifunctional area that is often used for various types of events such as discussions, dance rehearsals, performances, yoga classes, talk shows, workshops, and various other activities. This circular enclosed room was established through collaboration between NuArt Sculpture Park and Sasikirana Dance Camp, which received facilities assistance from the Indonesian Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) in 2017.


Laxmi Resto

Laxmi restaurant is a complementary facility in NuArt Sculpture Park that serves a variety of Balinese cuisine using Nyoman Nuarta’s family recipes, resulting in rich and flavorful dishes made from Indonesian spices. Its beautiful and serene ambiance often becomes a popular choice for various warm and familial activities.


Copper and Brass Studio

Copper & Brass is a creative studio or workshop that offers a variety of learning activities and art creation, craft and design products through classes and workshops for teenagers and adults of various skill levels.


Craft Boutique

The Craft Boutique area features various handicrafts and designs by local artists, showcasing a blend of traditional and contemporary styles that are currently thriving in Indonesia. Visitors can also find books, catalogs, and miniature sculptures created by Nyoman Nuarta. The Craft Boutique is an effort by NuArt to advance the creative economy sector by providing space and support for local designers and artisans.

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